Reply To: True Forex Funds – Discussion/Q&A

    Well, even though I’m pretty late to the conversation, still feel obliged to say that, unfortunately, it seemed to good to be true so I only went for a 10K account (which I got but tbh not doing well since inevitably focus has been on trying to finish phase II of a much, way larger account at another Prop Trading Company – yeah, a great mistake…).

    It’s the whole issue with new companies, particularly if they look too great or you just become suspicious not because of them but because of another new comer with hidden rules and so forth…

    But the point is: they are truly amazing AND they live up to perfectly, absolutely perfectly, to their claim of NEVER regulating your trading (as long as it is legitimate and in accordance with real market conditions as all of you obviously know better than I, probably….). Great spreads, 24/7 crypto trading – with a great offering of some 20 or so different cryptocurrencies, and so far the best spreads I’ve ever traded on BTC and ETH CFDs (my main broker still is IC Markets, just love them and trust them even more than my Swiss Bank Account for several reasons – they’ve really over and over proved themselves over the past 3 years or so), yet when it comes to BTC traded through CFDs, neither IC Markets and as far as I recall not even Eightcap were a match for TFF Spreads – and pardon me the emphasis on crypto as it doesn’t do justice to them, since this is, in my experience, true for every asset class – and last but ABSOLUTELY NOT LEAST: LIKE I SAID THAT THEY DO LIVE UP TO THEIR CLAIM OF NEVER REGULATING YOUR TRADING, THAT APPLIES EVEN TO SHARES CFDs – AND BELIEVE ME IT’S NOT A FEW BLUE CHIPS, 5-10 IN TOTAL, NO… NOT AT ALL, IT’S REALLY HUGE THEIR SHARES CFDS OFFERINGS – AND I TRULY COULDN’T BELIEVE WHEN I ASKED ON THE ONLINE SUPPORT, WHICH IS ALWAYS ONLINE IT SEEMS, AND WAS ASSURED REPEATEDLY THAT YES, OVERNIGHT AND EVEN OVER WEEKEND HOLDING OF SHARES IS ABSOLUTELY ALLOWED, SO THAT REALLY BLEW ME AWAY ‘CAUSE SO FAR ALL I’D SEEN WAS FTMO OFFERING A FEW SHARES AND UNEQUIVOCALLY FORBIDDING ANY OVERNIGHT HOLDING OF SHARES, LET ALONE OVER THE WEEKEND (forgive me guys and gals if I’m ignorant on this matter but to my knowledge there’s absolutely NOT ONE SINGLE FX/CFDs PROP TRADING FIRM that allows that and offers all these conditions, and didn’t even mention that no issues whatsoever with EA, VPS, et cetera).

    Anyway, apologies for the long post but they’re still new nevertheless so would definitely appreciate if any funded trader with them reports that withdrawal is indeed smooth and that there really aren’t any hidden unpleasant surprises (honestly don’t think there are but anyway… appreciate any reports from anyone either funded or on evaluation with them, as I truly am considering coming up with a rather complicated but doable hedging plan whereby I hopefully intentionally break the 100K Phase II but at the same time hedge it to just a bit over what I paid originally, since this other Prop Firm does have a great payout track record and yet it absolutely sucks for me personally (e.g. still living in Brazil so obviously not going around on my travels and even on my home internet without VPN – yet even that is prohibited at such company and honestly it was pure lucky combined with attention to minutiae at the last moment that spared me from losing over $500 as apparently not just EAs, Scripts, VPS… aren’t allowed (well, this has changed, with a big catch though but I have said enough and really not my intention to malign the other Prop Firm, just express that some rules seem like “booby traps” ’cause honestly can’t think of any other single company that comes up with a rule literally exposing my laptop and expensive electronics to virus and trojan horses, in fact if it wasn’t for Wise’s great security system already would have lost almost 1000 dollars to hackers, probably thanks to a trip to São Paulo and it’s international airport… And lastly, literally can’t trade crypto obliviously since my wallet would surely be broken in a sec (no, don’t have cold wallet yet…)…

    So that’s my endless report, really sorry for how lengthy it is and not to worry as I rarely if ever comment at all, clearly better off just keeping to myself and observing but had to unfortunately make this exception, and since I’m very, incredibly unhappy with what would perhaps become a 100K account at such another company… Really would appreciate immensely any and all updates that anyone more active with TFF could share ’cause right now I’m doing all the math and slowly implementing the whole Break-Evaluation Hedge-Back-The-Money ($100 went smoothly but it is obviously not without risks and there’s still $400 to go) and honestly will either go for a bigger account at TFF or E8/FTMO/FT+, only ones I trust to be honest… Oh, and won’t be summarily stolen $500 ’cause was using what anyone with kindergarten knowledge in computing here knows must be done: VPN… And sorry but hard to put it any other way as that’s exactly what almost happened – literally because of 1 minute that I delayed the very first trade and actually by accident looking for something else in the FAQ suddenly found out what I simply still can’t believe – like, as if there weren’t already plenty restrictions, but OK, most of them have some logic and either way the company sets the rules and it’s my problem, solely my own problem, if I agree or not – however this “hidden rule” supposedly has a reason that so much eludes my understanding that I can’t really explain..

    So that’s that, apologies again, everyone can be at peace as you won’t hear from me anytime soon whatsoever and just hope that my experience/report be useful and thank you in advance to anyone and everyone that eventually shares up-to-date news about them particularly regarding withdrawals.

    Thanks guys/gals and my best to all of you! Wish you all lots of success, ever bigger accounts and ever bigger payouts as well of course 😉