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    Before you read. Something I decided to edit back in and that is that my payment took me 2 weeks to get just because their support was not responding. Two weeks to get paid!! They’re also deleting my message on their discord so I can’t inform other traders considering them haha. So shady and these ppl should be ashamed

    Now on to the review below. Read it. It can save you your money for signup and specially the frustration of wasting your time and letting these ppl ll get away with this theft.

    After I got first payout. This company and their broker started applying slippage of 6+ pips on every trade even down to 1 lot size (placed test trades to see if my size was the issue) so you know this is done on purpose. Also, this happened on the many trades placed on the most liquid pair in the world (eurusd) and during London and NY session at peak liquidity times and no news times.

    They don’t respect your SL and fail you using this tactics. Happened to me on many trades after getting my first payout.

    Save yourself your time, your money, and the frustration to deal with this not to mention that customer service is the worst among prop firms. Take days if you lucky to just reply to you.

    They also have many fake reviews on Trustpilot so please avoid them and go for someone else.

    I submitted proof to them of the issue and they gave me general explanation and didn’t do anything about. Of course they won’t since they’re in the scheme themselves lol.

    What’s even crazier is that I placed a 50 lot trade with another firm on the same pair and same direction and this one only suffered a .5 pip slippage upon entry and at SL. 50 lots! Compared to the one places with these guys which were two of 10 lots (broke it into two 10s to see if they stopp the BS) but no same robbery as with 1 lot lol. No respect of SL and failed my account by just $100 on 100k account.

    I’ve traded EURUSD since 2017 almost full time and what these ppl are doing (or their broker to give benefit of doubt) is theft. You’ve been warned for real.

    The end result was over $8k losses in profits from slippage and $3.5k left over in the account after this one was suspended as price didn’t respect the SL as usually since my first payout.

    Seriously. Save yourself the stress of having to spend close to 2 months without pay to just pass their phases to then have to deal with their problems. Also my last payment took me 2 weeks of reaching support everywhere I could before they paid me too!