Hi Pietro,

    Thanks for the inaccurate review.

    1) We have no surprises or hidden rules – everything is listed in our FAQs.
    We also send a link to the FAQs in the email with all account credentials telling you to read the FAQs and let us know if you have any questions. (Nothing is Hidden, we cannot be responsible for you not bothering to check)

    2) We allowed you to use a copy trader from your MT4 account –
    When you passed stage 1 both your accounts were flagged for using an EA and high frequency trading & duplicating trades. – to which we emailed you and requested details.
    After understanding you are using a fast copy EA from mt4 to mt5 we progressed both accounts to stage 2 and told you not to duplicate trades as you have breached the rules by doing so and 1 account will be failed  (which you chose to ignore after we progressed both your accounts to stage 2)

    3) You ignored our email to you telling you not to duplicate trades between the 2 accounts –
    subsequently, we refunded you in Full for the account that breached (we did not have to refund you, as your breached the rule – however we did)
    As you stated, we did not fail both of your accounts for breaching this rule, we progressed one account to funding.

    4) The only rule that differs between evaluation and funding is 80 max lot exposure on a funded account which you can request to increase after trading the account for 4 weeks.

    80 lots is also not 5% of the margin available.

    No other rules are different at all and you know this, so not sure why you have made false allegations in your review.

    5) you was refunded for an account which breached the trading restrictions after we told you NOT to do that in stage 2 – as we had already let you pass stage 1 for breaching this rule, and you ignored the email and continued to duplicate trades

    As you mentioned in your review, we offer tight spreads, $0 commission trading and are very fair with enforcing rules to our traders, as we refunded you for breaching one of them.

    Clearly you are upset with breaching the Max Loss on your funded account which we understand, however, that does not warrant a false and inaccurate review.

    Best of luck in the future.