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    About Alphachain:

    Alphachain places a strong emphasis on nurturing and developing traders talent. As a result, they have created a distinctive career pathway that provides live capital to fund proprietary traders, irrespective of their academic background or prior experience. These programs are accredited by CPD and encompass guaranteed live-funded accounts. The training is conducted by certified financial technicians and seasoned institutional traders.

    With Alphachain, traders are offered a choice between an evaluation program and a direct funding program, depending on their personal preferences and previous experience. By managing capital of up to $1.280,000, traders have the potential to earn substantial profits while retaining profit splits of up to 50%. This can be accomplished through trading various financial instruments such as forex pairs, commodities, equity indices, and cryptocurrencies.

    You can check out our Alphachain website or check our review.

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    Thanks for sharing the competition details. Competitions like these can be a good way to challenge and improve one’s trading skills. Wishing everyone who enters the competition the best of luck!” 📈🏁💼 #TradingCompetition
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