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    About Audacity Capital:

    The prop firm has earned several awards, including the International Investor Award Winner 2020, and has been seen in a variety of media such as the Daily Mail and The Europe Financial Review. With a self-proclaimed mission to empower traders, Audacity Capital is a prop firm based out of London offering funding accounts up to $500k.
    With Audacity Capital, traders have the option to choose between two funding programs, an industry-standard two-step evaluation, or a unique funding program where you can become funded by going through an interview with them. Firstly, you must apply by filling out a form, after which you must undergo an interview, and to end it off, you will receive a contract if you have been approved. If a trader gets accepted, they allow them to earn high profits by managing up to $500,000 capital while taking home profit splits up to 50%. They can achieve this by trading forex pairs, commodities, and indices.

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    Audacity Capital has a 20% cashback option for those who purchase a challenge through our affiliate link

    You can visit the Audacity Capital website or read our review.

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    At Forex Prop Reviews, we ranked Audacity Capital based on our close to 500 criteria and came to a conclusion to rate the proprietary trading firm with an excellent 4/5 score.

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