Reply To: FundedNext – Discussion/Q&A

    There is a Serious Glitch in the FundedNext Platform.

    I had subscribed to a FundedNext $15000 evaluation account with a daily loss limit of $750 and max monthly loss of $1500.

    I traded for 7 days and every day ensured I never violated any rules.

    On the 7th day of trading my account was paused saying my monthly loss limit exceeded $1500.

    I personally closed my orders before it reached the $1500 drawdown threshold. The account balance never went below $13500. My account balance is $13513.48. My dashboard shows the loss as $1486.52. Technically speaking I still have $13.48 max permitted loss remaining before my account should be paused. There is a glitch in FundedNext system. On speaking with the account manager, he randomly picked my trades and showed my floating loss exceeded the monthly loss limit which is untrue..

    My daily loss limit was $697 at the time of closing my trades. Even my daily loss limit was within limits ($750) or the floating loss should have shown in my daily loss limits as well.

    I requested the account manager to fix this glitch and let me resume trading but he didn’t want to listen.

    So here I am calling them out!!!