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    About Top Tier Trader:

    Traders are offered a placement in the Top Tier Trader prop firm, enabling them to manage and continuously grow their accounts with their presented scaling plan. They offer their traders an 80% profit split while covering all the losses. They are a proprietary firm searching for experienced traders. They created an evaluation process to determine if a trader has what they are looking for.

    With Top Tier Trader, traders have an option to choose between four different account sizes which all have a two-step challenge that is required to be passed. They allow traders to earn high profits by managing up to $2.000,000 capital while taking home profit splits up to 80%. They can achieve this by trading forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.

    Top Tier Trader has a 15% cashback option for those who purchase a challenge through our affiliate link

    You can check the Top Tier Trader website, or check our review.

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