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    About Lux Trading Firm:

    Lux Trading Firm is one of the leading proprietary firms with an office based in London and Slovakia, Bratislava. They specialize in supporting experienced prop traders and commit to helping them excel by providing the tools and the capital they need to compete in the market. They were formed to bring together people with high caliber experience to discover trading and investment opportunities.

    With Lux Trading Firm, traders have an option to choose between three different account sizes with a one-step evaluation, depending on their preferences and past experience. They allow traders to earn high profits by managing up to $10,000,000+ capital while taking home profit splits up to 65%. They can achieve this by trading forex pairs, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

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    You can visit the Lux Trading Firm website, or read our review.

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    At Forex Prop Reviews, we ranked Lux Trading Firm based on our close to 500 criteria and came to a conclusion to rate the proprietary trading firm with an excellent 4/5 score.

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