FTMO Weekly Recap September / Week 4

Hello traders,

Let’s take a brief look at all the new content we’ve brought in the past week.

Another interview with FTMO Trader is here! This time it’s Bas from the UK. Bas revealed his unique trading approach that helped him to make $20.000 in one month on his FTMO Account, we’ve also discussed his trading journey and which specific obstacles he had to overcome in the Evaluation Process. Learn more in this new video.
We bring you another article from the FTMO questions and answers series. This time, new FTMO Traders Dennis, Joey, James, and Milan share their experience gathered in the Evaluation Process as well as their plans for their future at FTMO.
Weekend reading: We recently published an article about the connection between market liquidity and volatility. This time, we’ll find out where the liquidity in the market actually comes from, and how it’s possible for retail traders to open relatively large positions even with little capital thanks to leverage. Read more in this new article.

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September 25, 2021