The5ers Trader Tom Interview: Withdrew Payout & Scaled 

The5ers recently shared an inspiring interview with a trader, Tom. Hailing from The Netherlands, Tom has made strides in the trading world, transitioning from a high-pressure career as a head chef to achieving success as a day trader.

Also, at 32, Tom is one of The5ers’ $125K High-Stakes traders. His dedication and strategic acumen have earned him two payouts totaling $3,009. Currently, Tom’s next goal is to reach a 10% profit target to scale his account to $150K.

Moreover, tired of the relentless pressure and long hours in the restaurant industry, he decided to pivot to a career in trading. “It took me long hours and hard work to reach consistency, but in the end, using ICT concepts, it all worked out,” Tom shared.

The5ers recently shared an inspiring interview with a trader, Tom, Hailing from The Netherlands, who has made strides in trading.

The5ers Trader Tom Interview: Withdrew Payout & Scaled 

Tom has been trading full-time for five years. His trading plan is meticulously crafted, relying heavily on ICT (Inner Circle Trader) concepts. He starts by determining the higher timeframe bias and then aligns his trades with premium or discount levels during the optimal time of the week. His entry points are based on OTE (Optimal Trade Entry) levels and FVGs (Fair Value Gaps) once the timeframe alignment is confirmed.

One of the significant challenges Tom faced was managing his trading psychology. “Psychology is the hardest part, not rushing the process was the hardest part. Taking it slow and steady and really waiting for ideal conditions to present itself. No need to trade every day,” he advised.

Tom’s approach to risk management is conservative, keeping his risk levels between 0.5% and 1.0%. A pivotal moment in his career was realizing the importance of patience and waiting for higher timeframe alignment with his daily bias.

Trading for The5ers has provided Tom with access to better spreads and the opportunity to trade with more substantial capital. He appreciates the firm’s structure and the return on investment it offers.

Also, Tom’s advice for new traders at The5ers is straightforward: “I would recommend taking it slow, and you don’t need to rush the challenge, as there is no time limit.”

About the Firm

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