BluFX product upgrades

Hello Traders,

You’ve probably noticed the new BluFX website by now.

We think it looks pretty cool and makes it really simple for traders to understand what’s on offer.

We have also made changes to your dashboard making it more streamlined and giving you the ability to see your trading stats plus much much more.

However, with the new website changes, we have also upgraded some of our parameters.

Weekly Pay-outs

You can now receive weekly payouts.

This will begin from the 29th of October 2021 onwards.

You must make your request on or before the Thursday of each week before 17:30 pm and you will be paid out the Friday of the same week. 

Depending on what payment method you use it may take 3 – 10 working days to reach your account. 

You still have to hit the 5% profit target in order to be paid out each week.

Order cap of (0.5)

We have now removed the 0.5 order cap across all packages.

Previously, stage 1 accounts and below were restricted to a 0.5 lot size limit per trade.

This meant some BluFX traders would have to place multiple trades if they wanted to open a position larger than 0.5 lots.

As of today, any BluFX trader can place a position as large as they wish, as long as margin allows.

Referral Programme

Our referral programme was exclusively for BluFX paying members.

We are now opening the referral programme to everyone.

We have also simplified the programme so it’s much easier to get yourself to recurring monthly commission to generate consistent income.

Check out the new programme here:

We are constantly trying to evolve the BluFX product to make it better as we move forward as a company.

We hope these new changes are welcomed and we look forward to creating the best product for our traders in the coming future.

News provided by BluFx

October 19, 2021