Best 5 prop trading firms with 1-step evaluation

Today we are presenting the best 5 proprietary trading firms offering a 1-step evaluation challenge.

My Forex Funds

My Forex Funds are a proprietary trading firm with a one-step evaluation challenge. However, their rapid challenge is different from the rest since it is a three-month period that allows traders to earn and learn simultaneously. The profit splits for the three-month periods are 12%, with no profit targets to hit. Your requirements that you are obliged to follow are the 5% daily and 12% overall drawdown, trading three times per week, and following the consistency rule that they have explained on their website. After passing the challenge, your profit splits can be increased up to a high 80%.

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Funded Trading Plus

Funded Trading Plus has a single-phase challenge that can be executed manually or with the help of an EA. You must reach a profit target of 10% while not surpassing the 2.5% daily and 5% total drawdown limits. After becoming a funded trader, you are awarded 80% profit splits, which can increase to 90% over time.

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Another prop firm with a one-step challenge is SurgeTrader, which offers six different account sizes. You can choose from $25,000 up to $1,000,000 accounts for a one-time fee. The challenge rules require you to hit a 10% profit target without breaching the 4% daily or 5% maximum trailing drawdowns. Successful completion allows you to earn profit splits of 75% on your earnings.

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Lux Trading Firm

The last firm we are going to mention is Lux Trading Firm. Their evaluation is also made out of just one step with a profit target of 6%. However, they don’t have a daily drawdown limit rule. Your only focus should be on not breaching their maximum relative drawdown of 4%. Successful completion awards you with a live account capable of scaling beyond $10,000,000 by following their rules with a 65% profit split on your earnings.

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