E8 Funding’s biggest payouts

E8 Funding is continuing its fantastic statistics even in 2022. They have made over $2M payouts to their traders in just under 6 months.

Let’s look at the top 5 E8 Funding highest performers:

  1. Trader Matthew with a 52,5% profit has made $105,000
  2. Trader Gurek with a 30,1% profit has made $60,200
  3. Trader Yahya with a 20,4% profit has made $40,800
  4. Trader Andrew with a 17,9% profit has made $35,800
  5. Trader Darren with a profit of 14,9% profit has made $29,700

These statistics show that E8 Funding has some very excellent funded traders as part of their team already, and there will be more in the future for sure!

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You can visit the E8 Funding website, or read our review.