Top Tier Trader’s newest weekly statistics

Top Tier Trader has released their newest weekly statistics of their traders, how they trade, what they trade, and how profitable they were. Check them out below!

Top Tier Trader weekly statistics

  • Most traded pairs:
    1. GBP/USD: 50%
    2. NAS100: 50%
  • Top funded trader (in terms of amount):

Kasper Kowalczyk with a starting balance of $200,000 whose current equity is $253,000.

  • Trading style:
    1. Scalping: 50%
    2. Intraday trading: 0%
    3. Swing trading: 50%
  • Win/loss ratio overall:
    1. Win: 25%
    2. Loss: 75%
  • % of trades per session (based on the opening of trades):
    1. Asian session: 50%
    2. London session: 50%
    3. New York session: 0%
  • Total trades: 2
  • Average RRR overall: 20.0
  • Average time in positions stats:
    1. 1 trade ran for 2 minutes and resulted in a loss (trade opened and closed during the London session)
    2. 1 trade NAS100 still running for more than 6 days with a floating profit of more than $60k

These were the TopTier Trader weekly statistics. Comment below what you think about TopTier Trader!

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