E8 Funding May performance statistics

E8 Funding has released its 2022 May performance statistics. Their traders managed to generate some impressive returns. You can see their performance statistics for May 2022 below.

May 2022 performance statistics:

  • Payouts from E8 accounts: $1,452,200
  • The biggest payout on a single E8 account: $50,536
  • Number of trades: 1,658,924
  • E8 free trials accounts: 18,897
  • Top 5 trading instruments:
    1. US30.e8
    2. XAU/USD.e8
    3. US100.e8
    4. EUR/USD.e8
    5. GBP/USD.e8

These were the performance statistics for May from traders at E8 Funding. Comment below what you think about E8 Funding!

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