E8 Funding E8X V.2 update

E8 Funding is thrilled to release the E8X V.2 updates that they have prepared to further enhance their trader’s funding experience.

1. Automated withdrawal requests

You will now be able to request withdrawals straight from your E8X dashboard when your account is eligible for payouts. The system will automatically increase your overall drawdown by 1% each time while they process your payment instantly.

2. Submitting documents and signing documents from the E8X dashboard

You will now be able to submit and sign your documents from your E8X dashboard, allowing you to proceed to the funded stage a lot faster than previously.

3. Receive your funded account the same day

Now when you sign your contract in the E8X dashboard and once it is confirmed by compliance, you will receive your funded account.

4. Receive funded and payout certificates directly in your E8X dashboard instantly

You can now view all your certificates in one single place. You will also be able to choose a black or white color scheme and share it with your friends.

What do you think about the new updates that E8 Funding has presented? Are you more likely to join their proprietary trading firm, or are you already a part of it and are just going to enjoy the positive features that they have added?

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You can visit the E8 Funding website, or read our review.