Weekly statistics – Raymond Figueroa

Top Tier Trader has released their new weekly statistics, the best performing trader is Raymond Figueroa with his $200k account. Check his statistics out below!

Top Tier Trader weekly statistics (Raymond Figueroa):

  • Most traded pairs:
    1. US30: 100%
  • Top funded trader (in terms of amount):

Raymond Figueroa with a starting balance of $200,000 whose current equity is $229,029.

  • Trading style:
    1. Scalping: 67%
    2. Intraday trading: 33%
    3. Swing trading: 0%
  • Win/loss ratio overall:
    1. Win: 33%
    2. Loss: 67%
  • % of trades per session (based on the opening of trades):
    1. Asian session: 0%
    2. London session: 100%
    3. New York session: 0%
  • Total trades: 3
  • Average RRR overall: 5.92
  • Average time in positions stats:
    1. 2 trades are average ram between 10 seconds to 30 seconds in which both of them are losses (both trades opened and closed during the London session)
    2. 1 trade ran 40 minutes and in which ended up in profit where the risk to reward ratio was 1:6 (trade was opened and closed during the London session)

These were the TopTier Trader weekly statistics. Comment below what you think about TopTier Trader!

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