Funded Trading Plus introduces TradingView

Funded Trading Plus has announced that they have introduced TradingView for all evaluation and live trading accounts. However, note that they are unable to add TradingView to existing accounts due to technical limitations that are out of their control. The update will only work with the new accounts where TradingView is selected at the trading platform.

How can you trade with TradingView?

  1. Purchase an Experienced, Advanced, or Master account.
  2. Select TradingView and complete the purchase.
  3. Log in to TradingView and connect your account with your Funded Trading Plus credentials.

If you require additional help and support, you can watch the video below:

Note that your dashboard will work the same as previously. You will alow be able to use the same credentials and trade with MetaTrader 5 if you decide to do so.

You are only eligible to upgrade your live account for a fee of $80 if:

  • You have not yet traded on your account.
  • You are in profit on your account, but you will lose all of your profits (MetaTrader 5 live and Master account will not lose profits)
  • You have not exceeded a total of 1% drawdown in your account (Example: If your balance is $99,000 or more on a $100,000 account)

In case you qualify for one of the conditions above, you can create a support ticket with your account details and request an upgrade.

So what do you think about Funded Trading Plus adding TradingView as an option? Comment below!

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You can visit Funded Trading Plus website, or read our review.