Top Tier Trader July statistics

Top Tier Trader has announced its trader’s statistics for July 2022. Check out how profitable their traders were through July.

Top Tier Trader (July statistics):

  • Total payouts: $480,258
  • Largest single payout: $93,015
  • Most traded instruments (by volume):
    1. GBP/JPY: 29,853 lots
    2. XAU/USD: 17,001 lots
  • Most traded instruments (by closed trades):
    1. GBP/JPY: 27,012 lots
    2. XAU/USD: 8,270 lots
    3. EUR/USD: 7,347 lots
  • Total trades for June: 83,836 lots

These were the statistics for July 2022 from traders at Top Tier Trader. Comment below what you think about Top Tier Trader!

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