My Forex Funds VIP Reward Program

My Forex Funds is proudly presenting the My Forex Funds VIP feature, a brand-new reward program for their traders! The VIP reward program will award consistent traders who do the hard work to obtain success. However, everyone will not be eligible, only the traders that prove that they can manage risk and their emotions while making profits by trading without over-risking.

Who qualifies to be a VIP trader?

A trader who has been paid out at least 5 times and has been trading with My Forex Funds for a minimum of 3 months is eligible for the VIP reward program. If your trading style is considered an all-in or high risk, you won’t be eligible unless you improve your trading style to tolerable risk for a 3-month period while not violating any of the rules (this includes copy trading).

What are the benefits of being a VIP trader?

Being a VIP trader adds a number of benefits which include the following:

  • 90% profit split
  • Ability to withdraw at any time, with no restrictions (the payout request button will always be active if you are in profit)
  • Semi-automated payout confirmation (money in your Deel account within 10 hours)
  • Other benefits that may occasionally appear in your mailbox

What do you think about the My Forex Funds VIP reward program? Is it beneficial enough to join them on your journey to trading success? Because we sure do think it is!

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You can visit the My Forex Funds website or read our review.