The Funded Trader Program August statistics

The Funded Trader Program is continuing to provide excellent numbers in 2022, here are the performance statistics for August.

August 2022 performance statistics:

  • Total payouts: $3,136,733.29
  • Highest single payout: $185,382.25
  • Total number of trades: 881,064
  • Total volume of closed trades: 2,830,646.06 lots
  • Most traded instruments (by volume):
    1. EUR/USD 443,961.75 lots traded
    2. XAU/USD 421,395.32 lots traded
    3. GBP/JPY 308,115.75 lots traded

These were the performance statistics for August from traders at The Funded Trader Program. Comment below what you think about The Funded Trader Program!

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