Decrease In Registration Fees For FundedNext Express Model Plans

FundedNext is one of the best prop trading firms working in the best interest of its traders. They offer Express Model Plans and now, as per the request of their users, they have reduced the registration fee for these plans. The Model Plans allow traders to earn up to 90% of the profit split, based on their performance.

FundedNext Express Model

The goal of the trader will be to reach an ambitious profit target with no time restriction. Traders will start trading on FundedNext‘s funded account with a 60% profit split once they reach the goal.

Traders can begin making money with the FundedNext Express program as early as the first month. Depending on their performance, the profit split percentage could be raised to 90%.

The following are some important factors of the Express Model:

Daily Loss of 5%

In a single trade, a maximum 5% drawdown is allowed.

Loss of 10% overall

A maximum 10% loss from the initial balance is permitted for traders.


FundedNext wants to onboard promising & rising traders who can trade consistently over a long period.

4 weeks/10 trading days

Traders must take at least ten days each month.

No improbable profit goals

Fewer restrictions mean more performance. In light of this, FundedNext chose to request a 25% growth target only. Traders can trade at their own pace without feeling any pressure to meet unrealistic goals.

Funding within 10 trading days

In as little as 10 trading days after signing up, traders can access the real funded account if they meet the account growth target during the assessment phase.

Price Drop Announcement of All FundedNext Express Model Plans

FundedNext announced a decrease in the Registration fees for all the express model plans.

They have received a lot of requests, asking them to reduce the prices on the Express model plans. They responded to the trader’s request quickly.

FundedNext has listened to the requests and decided to reduce the price of the express model registration fees. They said that they are glad to provide distinct offers with the same value.

They want to continue doing what they do best and that is helping traders achieve their full potential.

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