“Successful Trader Interview” series by My Forex Funds

My Forex Funds has one of the easiest program structures to follow, making it possible for their traders to receive funding. Traders can choose one of their funding options to get started as a Forex Funded Trader.

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  • Founded: 2020
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MyForex Firm Programs


The Rapid account allows traders to earn bonuses from day one while working with their FOREX and CFD’s trading prop firm and the risk management aspects that come with it.


Semi-professional traders in need of capital to move to the next step of their career have the opportunity to show their talent and reach their goals in a quick, two-phase process.

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The My Forex Funds Accelerated program allows traders to start trading a live account from day one. This program is suitable for profitable full-time traders who want to boost their capital immediately.

“Successful Trader Interview” by My Forex Funds

My Forex Funds official YouTube page uploaded another video yesterday continuing their successful trader series.

In the interview, “Successful Trader Interview” series, Claudio from Portugal who lives in the UK shares his journey.

Claudio is a funded trader with My Forex Funds and has earned a total of $169,104.36. He started trading 5 years ago. He discussed how he started his journey, why he chose My Forex Funds and how is it helpful for other traders. Also shared the strategies and the trading course he took to start his journey.

To see the full interview, here’s the link: