The Funded Trader Program December Competition. What’s new?

The Funded Trader Program has created a fund based on retail traders. They offer opportunities to interested parties and help traders manage large accounts.

This program offers competitions that are a free opportunity for everyone to participate in a monthly challenge. Twenty Winners win prizes.

The Funded Trader Program December Competition Rules

The rules for competitions are the same as the Standard Challenge, which includes:

  • 5% Max Daily Drawdown
  • 10% Max Total Drawdown
  • 5 Minimum Trading Days
  • EAs are not allowed
  • No taking advantage of unrealistic fills in the demo environment
  • The competition starts on the first of the month and ends on the last day of the month

Becoming Disqualified

If a trader’s account is not active for more than 14 days, it will become expired and be disqualified from the competition. If this occurs, traders will not be able to participate in the current competition but are welcome to join the following month’s competition.


Each month, a new competition begins and lasts the entirety of the month. Traders can select the competition from the official firm of the firm.

Click the Register button for the next eligible competition.

Claiming Your Prize as a Competition Winner

If any trader ends up being one of the winners, someone from The Funded Trader Program‘s Success Team will reach out to them with the appropriate prize.

The December Competition

The Funded Trader Program arranges challenges for traders monthly. Recently they have announced their December Competition.

Traders can now register for the December Competition.

The last date to register is 30th November.

They have made some changes to the competition, which are as follows:

  • The maximum number of lots that can be traded between all positions is 5 lots
  • The maximum number of lots that can be traded on a commodity or index is 2 lots.

Prizes for the competition will now be a combination of standard and royal challenges:

  • 1st place- $6k+$200k Royal Challenge
  • 2nd place- $5k+$100k Royal Challenge
  • 3rd place- $4k+$50k Royal Challenge
  • 4th– 10th place- $100k Royal Challenge
  • 11th– 20th place- $50k Royal Challenge
  • 21st– 30th place- $25k Standard Challenge
  • 31st– 50th place- $10k Standard Challenge

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