Discount Code for Funded Trading Plus

Good evening, Readers and Traders! This has been a fantastic week for everyone. And with the firms offering different discounts before Christmas, Forex Prop Reviews provides discount codes for various prop firms throughout the year. And in case you forget, Forex Prop Reviews offers 7% off on Funded Trading Plus Programs. To get the discount, you have to use our code (FOREXPROPREVIEWS).

How to get the Funded Trading Plus Discount

  1. Go to the Funded Trading Plus website.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Choose the program that suits you the best. The prop firm offers 3 Programs (Experienced Trader, Advanced Trader, and Master Trader).
  4. Choose the Account size and Refundable fees. (They have various options).
  5. After this, choose your preferred trading platform (MT4 or MT5).
  6. Before finalizing the payment, add the discount code (FOREXPROPREVIEWS) in the coupon column.
  7. And that’s all. You have your 7% off!

Happy Trading, Traders!

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Enjoy the discount and stay updated with us!