E8 Funding: All you need to know about it!

E8 Funding, a proprietary company, was founded on November 5th, 2021. With a base in the middle of the USA, they are one of the first prop firms to provide global funding. In addition to other places, the company has offices in the United States in Prague, Czech Republic, and Dallas, Texas.

With 80% profit splits, the prop firm offers traders capital up to $1,000,000 in balance. In the United States, their main office is located at 100 Crescent Ct, Unit 700, Dallas, TX 75201. Traders can generate significant profits by managing accounts up to $1,000,000 and taking home profit splits of 80%. They can achieve this by trading in:

  • Forex pairs
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Equities
  • Cryptocurrencies

E8 Funding Evaluation Programs

E8 Funding provides two-step, industry-standard E8 evaluation program accounts in four different sizes and an ELEV8 program account to their traders. The following E8 evaluation accounts are available for selection:

  • $25,000 E8 evaluation account
  • $50,000 E8 evaluation account
  • $100,000 E8 evaluation account
  • $250,000 E8 evaluation account

Their $100,000 ELEV8 account, which has a more aggressive scaling strategy and can be scaled up to $1,000,000, is another choice. With E8 Funding, traders can trade with a leverage of 1:100 and receive profit splits of up to 80%.

E8 Funding Evaluation Phases

To pass the phase 1 evaluation phase, a trader must achieve a profit target of 8%. The 5% daily or 8% overall maximum loss limits should not be exceeded by traders. Within 30 calendar days, they ought to reach their profit goal. The fact that there are no minimum trading day requirements to move on to phase 2 should also be taken into account by traders.

On the other hand, evaluation phase 2 calls for a trader to hit a profit target of 5% while adhering to their 5% maximum daily loss or 8% maximum loss guidelines. In phase 2, traders have 60 calendar days to reach their profit goal. There is no minimum number of trading days needed before a trader can fund their account.

Traders are rewarded with funded accounts after completing both evaluation phases. There are no profit targets for the funded accounts. Only the 5% daily and 8% traders must follow overall maximum loss limits.

Based on traders’ profits on their funded accounts, the profit split will be set at 80%. Additionally, keep in mind that the maximum loss rule increases by +1% for every successful withdrawal you receive, up to 14%.

Trading Platform Choice

On 2-Phase evaluations, traders can choose between MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Traders can register for the evaluation of their choice. After that, traders can choose between the two platforms.

E8 Track

E8 Funding has also launched another funding program called E8 Track.

The program’s lower prices set it apart from the other two. The firm developed E8 Track in response to market demand for a product of entry for traders. There is no difference between E8 Track and the 2-Phase evaluation. But before working on their funded account according to their terms, it adds one more step before becoming a funded trader. Traders can put themselves on track to manage an E8 Track Funded account by passing the special 3-phase evaluation.

Lower cost, same reward with an initial capital of up to $250,000. To allow traders to trade at their convenience and discretion, there is no Profit Target requirement. You need to follow the Maximum Daily Loss and Maximum Loss rules only.

No minimum trading error requirements to proceed to a funded account.

  • After the completion of the evaluation phase, the funded account is rewarded to traders.
  • No profit targets
  • 5% maximum daily loss
  • 8% maximum overall loss

The process of evaluating traders at E8 Track continues with Phase 2. The goal of Phase 2 is to assess your risk management abilities. Phase 3 of the trader evaluation is the third and last phase.

Phase 3 is to put your trading skills to the test once more so that they can have faith in your ability to trade profitably over the long term while maintaining capital and abiding by the rules.

E8 Funding has consistently been a prop company that welcomes traders, according to the feedback. By looking at other experiences, you can learn more about the E8 Funding journey and other account offerings.

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