Blue Guardian Capital Review by Forex Prop Reviews!

In the new video, Forex Prop Reviews is reviewing Blue Guardian Capital. The firm was incorporated in 2019 but went public in 2021. They allow traders to work with funded accounts worth up to $600k with a scaling balance of $1.8m. Their headquarters are in the West Midlands of the United Kingdom, and they have clients across the globe.

Blue Guardian Capital gives the option to select between various evaluation program account sizes. Phase one requires a trader to reach a profit target of 6% while staying within their 4% maximum daily loss or 10% maximum loss rules. Traders must also trade for five trading days to proceed to phase two.

Blue Guardian Capital Risk Desk Team

Traders at Blue Guardian Capital are required to abide by a few rules. They have a risk desk team to determine if traders’ trading strategies deserve funding. The platform charges $3.50 per trade on all its trading instruments.

Blue Guardian Capital differs from most industry-leading prop firms because it has never regulated traders’ trading styles. Traders can trade during news and nights, and weekends. Traders can trade forex pairs with 1:100 leverage, commodities with 1:20 leverage indices, and then cryptocurrencies.

You can read through their comprehensive FAQ section, learn a lot from it, and get support from it. The trading conditions can be tested by opening a demo account with Blue Guardian Capital‘s broker, Seychelles, even though the company doesn’t offer a free trial.

Anyone looking for a prop firm with simple trading guidelines, but especially someone who has created a successful and reliable trading strategy, should consider this reputable prop firm that provides excellent terms for a large group of people with a different trading styles. The only factor traders should consider is the risk desk team, as they are the ones who decide whether a trader’s trading strategy is profitable or not. However, after considering everything about Blue Guardian Capital, Forex Prop Reviews can say they are a very high-quality prop trading firm.

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