E8 Funding & Finotive Funding: A Comparison!

Forex Prop Reviews has created another comparison video between two of the top prop trading companies on the market. E8 Funding and Finotive Funding are these companies. Forex Prop Reviews will contrast them on various criteria, such as general company information, funding policies, trading platforms, and, as always, community opinions.

Comparison of E8 Funding & Finotive Funding

General Details:

Company detailsE8 FundingFinotive Funding
Incorporation dateNovember 2021April 2021
CEODylan ElchamiOliver Newland
Office locationDallas, TexasBudapest, Hungary
Maximum allocation capital$1,000,000$3,200,000

Funding Programs of E8 Funding & Finotive Funding

When it comes to funding programs, there are various structures. Let’s look at some of them.

Funding programE8 FundingFinotive Funding
Two-step evaluationEvaluation program ELEV8 programEvaluation program
Direct fundingInstant funding
Three-step evaluationE8 Track Program

Trading Objectives

Trading objectivesE8 Funding (E8/ELEV8)E8 Funding (E8 Track)Finotive Funding (Evaluation Program Account) Finotive Funding (Instant Funding Account)
Phase 1 profit target8%8%7.5%7.5%
Phase 2 profit target5%5%5%5%
Phase 3 profit target5%
Maximum daily loss5%5%5%5%
Maximum loss8%8%10%10%
Minimum trading daysNo minimum trading daysNo minimum trading daysFive calendar daysFive calendar days
Maximum trading days30 calendar days (Phase 1), 60 calendar days (Phase 2)30 calendar days (Phase 1), 60 calendar days (Phase 2 & Phase 3)30 calendar days (Phase 1), 60 calendar days (Phase 2)30 calendar days (Phase 1), 60 calendar days (Phase 2)
Profit split80%80%75% up to 95%75% up to 95%

 Evaluation Prices of E8 Funding & Finotive Funding

E8 Funding and Finotive Funding have similar prices when comparing the two-step evaluation program prices. Both prop trading firms share the following account sizes.

Account sizeE8 Funding (E8 Account)E8 Funding (ELEV8 Account)E8 Funding (E8 Track)Finotive Funding (Standard)Finotive Funding (Swap-free)

Trading Platforms

Trading platformsE8 FundingFinotive Funding
BrokerTier-1 Liquidity Provider with Direct Market AccessAscot Prime
Trading platformMeta Trader 4, Meta Trader 5Meta Trader 4

Trading Instruments

Trading instrumentsE8 FundingFinotive Funding
Forex pairsYesYes


The Forex Prop Reviews discuss the commissions that traders pay when trading with each prop firm.

Trading instrumentsE8 FundingFinotive Funding
Forex pairs3-5 USD / LOT0 USD / LOT; 4 USD / LOT on funded account
CommoditiesPrices vary0 USD / LOT; 4 USD / LOT on funded account
IndicesPrices vary0 USD / LOT
CryptocurrenciesPrices vary0 USD / LOT
EquitiesPrices vary


The final consideration and a crucial factor in picking a prop trading company is the feedback from their community. Forex Prop Reviews will use Trustpilot statistics to illustrate the pros and cons of a prop company because it provides traders with a wealth of information.

Trustpilot statisticsE8 FundingFinotive Funding
Number of reviews534104

Both prop trading companies are 100% legitimate and among the best in the prop firm industry, despite the disparity in the number of reviews. Their funding is somewhat more common in the prop trading firm industry, which is primarily why there is a difference. They recently experienced significant popularity growth and made many updates, making them a very appealing option for forex traders worldwide.

Both prop companies, E8 Funding, and Finotive Funding, provide traders worldwide with excellent terms. Trades can’t go wrong because they are both influential prop firms.

Take a look at the complete comparison:

Additionally, traders can compute final costs using the discounts offered by both prop trading companies covered by Forex Prop Reviews. If traders choose one of these prop trading companies, they can purchase these a little cheaper.

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