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Forex Prop Reviews is here with yet another video review. This time we’re going to be taking a look at Finotive Funding.

Finotive Funding Review

Finotive Funding is a prop firm founded by Oliver Newland in April 2021. However, they have been working on the project well before that and are quite a well-established prop firm. They have offices in Budapest, Hungary, and are partnered with Ascot Prime as their broker.

They offer traders funding up to 3.2 million dollars with a chance to choose from a two-step evaluation account or direct funding program. Traders are offered once 100 up to one to 400 leverage while also being able to earn profit splits from 55 up to 95 percent.

Funding program options

Finotive Funding’s accounts have multiple options, such as account size or type. This is to accommodate traders with different styles and risk tolerance as well as new traders and seasoned professionals. So, you can choose from standard and swap-free account types. The leverage offered is:

  • One hundred to one for the two-and-a-half thousand dollar and five-thousand-dollar accounts.
  • Two hundred to one for the ten thousand dollar and twenty-five-thousand-dollar accounts.
  • Four hundred to one for the fifty thousand dollars, one hundred thousand dollars, and two hundred-thousand-dollar accounts.

Phases of Finotive Funding Evaluation Programs

Phase one of the evaluation challenge requires traders to hit a profit target of 9% in a thirty-day trading period. You must trade a minimum of five days and can only reach the 5% daily and 10% overall equity drawdown.

Phase 2 of the evaluation challenge requires traders to hit a profit target of 7.5% in a 60-day trading period. You must trade a minimum of 5 days and can’t surpass the 5% daily and 10% overall equity drawdown. In phase two, you can receive a new challenge account free of charge if you profit. But if you fail to hit the profit target after getting funded, you are eligible for 75 profit split payouts, with no maximum trading day period.

Your only limitations are:

  • A minimum of five days without surpassing the 5% daily or 10% overall equity drawdown.

Scaling Plans

Finotive Funding does have the option to scale your funded challenge accounts by being consistently profitable.

The firm also has direct funding program options, which range from two and a half thousand dollars up to one hundred-thousand-dollar capital. Now, these accounts also differ. You can choose between standard risk or aggressive risk standard. Instant funding accounts require traders to follow the following:

  • Drawdown limitations 8% equity drawdown
  • 5% equity drawdown in one trading day

By following the two main rules, you are eligible for weekly withdrawals. If you reach a weekly withdrawal threshold of 2.5%, your profit split will start at 55 and increase based on your account’s scaling plan.

There is certainly more to learn about the firm. To know more about it, watch the full review:

They are a well-established proprietary trading firm with some significant updates recently. These updates sparked a massive increase in attracting traders from all over the world. To read about the new updates, click on the respective link:

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