True Forex Funds Interview: $75,000 Profit made?

True Forex Funds has a broad vision for traders eager to advance in their careers, including cutting-edge technology and modern solutions. The prop company was formally established in October 2021. Their headquarters are in Gyor, Hungary.

Here are some details about the company:

  • 8% profit target for phase one
  • 4% profit target for phase two
  • Maximum allowed allocation: $400,000.

True Forex Funds Interview

True Forex Funds shared a trader’s journey in a recent interview. In the True Forex Funds interview, a trader who made a $75,000 profit split in the last five months was interviewed.

Rahat took a few trying years to learn how to analyze the market profitably. He is currently trading with True Forex Funds, and over the last five months, his straightforward trading strategy has generated $75,000 in profits.

He first began trading around 2017, buying an option when he was only about 17 or 18. For about one and a half years, he lost money to bad habits. Rahat was stagnant, but obviously, that’s better than losing money.

He first discovered True Forex Funds while watching a YouTube video that included reviews and other information. He was attracted to the no minimum trading days at first. Rahat prefers to know immediately if he will move on to the next stage when there is a deadline. The trading objectives were desirable when selecting True Forex Funds.

He would begin revenge trading if he didn’t make money or lost a trade. Trading strategies that require a set amount of time to recover their losses are ultimately self-defeating. The most important thing is concentrating on one or two pairs, and he always advises others to do the same.

Instead of going after Creative Mystery Awards, he prefers to put a trade on and let it do what it needs to do. While some people aim for one to two and five to ten and take partials, he prefers to pick one to freeze, get the trade, and get out of the trade.

Details are provided in the video:

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