True Forex Funds Interview: How much Profit?

True Forex Funds has a broad vision that includes ground-breaking technology and contemporary solutions for traders who are eager to advance in their careers. The prop firm was incorporated in October 2021. The CEO is Richard Nagy. Their office is in Gyor, Hungary. They are limited to a 5 percent daily loss maximum and a maximum 10 percent day loss. Their funding program offers grants of up to $400,000 capital upon passing a two-phase evaluation process.

True Forex Funds Interview with a trader

True Forex Funds shared an interview with their trader, Alex, an Italian trader who has been active since 2018. In 2018, he visited New York and liked how it lit something inside him. He didn’t realize at first that he could have been trading for profit and supporting himself.

Now he works as a trader full-time. He lost a lot of money by following some senior room services in the past. He began working on himself and his fundamental approach and was also made aware of True Forex Funds and other prop firms. One of the essential things for his business is being well funded, so he is extremely grateful to True Forex Funds.

He began trading, and he essentially began observing everything around him. Finding someone who was a good trader was difficult, but in 2020 he did. His mentor, Michael Huddleston, taught him how to read price actions to understand market behavior, so his strategy is to recognize where the algorithm order flow is.

He is essentially a scalper to a day trader. Because he dislikes holding positions after midnight, he closes positions before that time. According to him, a trader shouldn’t be concerned about a lawsuit because losing doesn’t necessarily indicate that they are novice traders. Part of trading is accepting losses.

The most crucial factor, regardless of whether he decides to make money or lose it, is that he only makes trades when his mental state is favorable. For the video, click the link below:

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