The Funded Trader Interview with Darren

The Funded Trader is a prop company founded on May 12, 2021. The Funded Trader seeks enthusiastic, knowledgeable traders who will profit from their capital. Managing accounts up to $1,500,000 and taking home profit splits up to 90% produce high profits. Traders can choose from three different funding accounts.

They have agreements with Eightcap and Purple Trading Seychelles to act as their brokers.

  • Standard accounts can have a maximum balance of $600,000.
  • Trustpilot has over 4000 reviews and a stellar 4.7/5 rating.
  • With leverage up to 200:1.

The Funded Trader Interview

Angelo speaks with Darren, a former Forex League participant and current trader funded by The Funded Trader. Darren talks about his background as they converse, his responses to Angelo’s inquiries, and his ideas for the future of The Funded Trader. He shares his inspiring journey from the verge of quitting to overseeing five funded accounts.

Darren, 36, has 16 years of experience working in retail and is from Maryland in the United States. He had trouble taking time off after his son was born in 2019, and he decided to switch careers to address the issue of work-life balance. Darren trades primarily in New York, Asia, and London from 8 to 4:30 daily during the New York session.

In September 2020, he began trading forex after forcing his wife to do the same. After a while of success, he started noticing some issues, such as the pattern day rule’s stop losses and taking profits not being applied outside of market hours. He decided to focus on himself and began watching YouTube videos.

In the first six months, he tried to learn everything he could. He lost 20% of the account when he first began live trading, but Angelo urged him to reconsider what he was doing and pursue psychology. He discovered that with the right attitude, one could produce a great deal of quality work quickly.

The essential idea is to work in percentages to understand the game better. When trading larger accounts, traders need to pause and reassess their approach. Sticking to the process and a few accounts will keep them grounded.

For details and insight, watch the interview with The Funded Trader:

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