Alpha Capital Group Trader Interview: Let’s hear it!

Alpha Capital Group, a prop firm, was established on November 2, 2021. Alpha Capital Group provides traders with a platform that includes instructional videos, market insights, trading strategies, mentoring, and specially developed trading technology to assist them on their way to funding and becoming one of their proprietary traders.

They permit trading with account sizes up to $200,000 with 80% profit splits. Traders can achieve this by trading indices, commodities, and forex pairs.

Alpha Capital Group Trader Interview

Alpha Capital Group shared an interview with a trader named Andres Suarez lives in Costa Rica and started trading around the time of the pandemic. About six months earlier, he had developed an interest in trading. He then enrolled in a school that offered network marketing and a trading program.

He entered the trading industry with the idea that it might alter his life; It’s not about money, but having money will enable him to take care of himself and his family and travel. So it is also about having a flexible lifestyle. Although he doesn’t base his decisions on fundamentals, if he sees one that aids in his setup, he will make a trade if it isn’t as strong as the regulars.

He has been focusing on gold and AUD for his trades with Alpha Capital Group. He follows the price, follows ranges, does everything while considering liquidity, and enjoys facing support and resistance.

Back testing has been a difficult step for him to sit on the graphics and look at something that happened. He has 2.5 years of trading experience, so he needs to trust himself and apply everything on the market.

His objective for this year is to take an existing account and use it to trade as if it were $100k, allowing him to practice risk management and get enough money to progress on his goals.

Even when things do not go according to plan, persistence and psychology are essential to becoming a trader. Everyone embarks on their journey with their path.

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