Alpha Capital Group Trader’s Interview- What’s his story?

Alpha Capital Group, a prop firm, was established on November 2, 2021. They help traders on their path to funding and become one of their proprietary traders. Alpha Capital Group offers a platform that includes educational videos, market insights, trading strategies, mentoring, and specially developed trading technology.

They allow trading with 80% profit splits and account sizes up to $200,000. Trading in indices, commodities, and forex pairs can help traders accomplish this.

Alpha Capital Group Trader’s Interview

Alpha Capital Group shared a trader’s interview named Matt, an Iraq War veteran who has been trading since he was a teenager. He started doing it at the beginning of the financial crisis, holds a degree in economic history from the University of Glasgow, and possesses a sizable trading library.

In the beginning, he traded extensively on the Dow and the Hong Kong 50. He enters the market at or just before it opens, either taking advantage of the early volatility’s rise or fall. In addition to having a swap collection strategy, he is scalping around the open’s momentum.

The average true range ATR indicator is the one he uses the most currently and has for a long time, and he looks for a Dow to be as much as a 50% increase from what the Asian session was doing. That means that he is essentially just looking for it to be more active; thus, he is looking at whatever it was doing before attempting to become more active, assuming that it will remain active, and his goal is to get the flow in and out quickly.

He closed a swing trade with a 0.3 risk-to-reward ratio, resulting in a 400-dollar gain and a drawdown of 100 dollars on a 200-k account.

His main objective is to maximize his potential at Alpha Capital Group because the company has a bright future. He also loves the team, so once he gets a few more payouts, which should be within the next month, he’ll open a second $200,000 account. He can then unwind because he is only currently experiencing modest percentage gains.

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