Lux Trading Firm Trader Interview: Profit $45,000!

The traders at Lux Trading Firm are encouraged to advance in their professions. By trading on accounts with a balance of up to $10,000,000, they are enabling them to increase their profits. You must complete their special two-step evaluation process to receive funding. After that, you must achieve specific profit goals to scale your account balance. You receive a 75% profit split and an increase in your account balance for successfully completing the task.

Lux Trading Firm Trader Interview

Lux Trading Firm shared an interview with one of their Elite Traders. Daniel is a seasoned trader who has been in the trading business for about five years. He is from the Czech Republic and got into trading after a friend from university showed him the ropes. Initially, he was only interested in trading as a means of making money, but as he progressed, he realized that he also enjoyed the process of trading. Daniel had tried several firms before joining Lux Trading Firm, and each posed its own challenges. Some of the firms he tried imposed unreasonable profit targets and time limits, which made trading stressful and unenjoyable. What caught Daniel’s attention about Lux Trading Firm was the lack of time limits and the more achievable profit targets. He appreciated that the firm offered a more relaxed approach to trading and allowed traders to develop their strategies and risk management techniques, which were significant factors in Daniel’s decision to join Lux Training. Daniel started the evaluation process with Lux Trading Firm about seven months ago. He appreciated the introduction of mentors in the Elite package, which further enhanced his trading experience.

Throughout the stages of the Lux Trading Firm program, Daniel has seen significant growth in his trading account. He started with a trading account worth $15,000; today, he manages a million-dollar account. He attributes his success to the firm’s approach to trading and the support he has received from the mentors.


In conclusion, Daniel’s journey in the trading industry has been challenging, but he has eventually found a firm that suits his needs and has allowed him to enjoy the process of trading. He highly recommends Lux Trading Firm to anyone looking to make a career in trading and wants a positive and enjoyable experience.

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