The Funded Trader Interview with Trader- What’s his Strategy?

The Funded Trader is a proprietary firm incorporated on the 12th of May 2021. They have an office based in the US while offering their traders a chance to work with capital up to $1,500,000 in balance and with up to 90% profit splits.

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The Funded Trader Interview

In the latest The Funded Trader interview, we hear Tori speak with Adam, a current and profitable TFT-funded trader who has received $4k in payouts. Adam shares his experiences in the industry, and as they talk, he shares his background, answers Tori’s questions, and shares his thoughts on future changes for The Funded Trader.

Adam shares in this interview that trading will always be a journey. As traders, he thinks that we must constantly have to work on ourselves and prove that something’s going to come around. This makes us, you know, have to adapt, improve, and look at ourselves differently. He Uses the Volume Profile to trade his Funded Accounts.

Adam said that once you get funded, that’s when the real work starts. He has been trading for the last three years. Adam has stayed motivated. He also shared that he wants to go full-time, which is his goal in the long term.

Adam said that his strategy was a little bit haphazard before as far as psychology. It’s constantly being refined. He was trying out many different things, trying to sort amalgamate into one strategy that wasn’t working. So, he just narrowed everything down, so everything’s pretty focused, and it’s pretty clear-cut before going with other prop firms. He said he is just focusing on consistency. Adam is now aiming to take on The Funded Trader‘s rapid challenges predominantly.

He had a lot of insights, and you can see the full interview for it:

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