Trader Interview with The Funded Trader! What’s his Story?

The Funded Trader is a proprietary firm incorporated on May 12, 2021. They have a US office and offer their traders the opportunity to work with a capital of up to $1,500,000 in balance and profit splits of up to 90%.

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Interview with The Funded Trader

Rutherford’s background, hear his responses to Tori’s inquiries, and hear about his professional experiences. The Funded Trader shared an interview with African trader Rutherford Banks, 30. He is from Ghana and has been in business for nine years. Two years after graduating from high school, he began trading. To learn more, Rutherford watched financial documentaries and online content. He eventually passed the test.

Rutherford had a mentor who showed him the basics of becoming a trader, and he read a lot of books. He stopped looking for the Holy Grail. Instead, he built his strategy on pure price action using support resistance areas and trend lines, Candlestick patterns, and sometimes, Fibonacci. Rutherford has been profitable with that for the past couple of years.

Trading, according to Rutherford, is psychologically based, so when he experiences a losing streak, he needs to take a break from his screens and take small risks to regain his confidence. Before he can trade regular sizes again, he must reduce his trade to small sizes until he has concrete evidence that his confidence level has returned. Rutherford trades during the day and at night, using the weekly and daily time frames to draw additional market levels.

He learned about The Funded Trader from a friend who had previously traded with Forex funds before switching. Rutherford did not enjoy trades with prop firms, but he found that having access to a sizable account was helpful. He finally decided on The Funded Trader because he felt it had the most rules and challenges, which resonated with his personality.

He received $15,600, a 39% profit on his $50,000 live account.

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