Trader Interview with True Forex Funds- Journey and suggestions!

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True Forex Funds Trader Interview

It’s motivating Monday. True Forex Funds has shared another interview with one of their successful traders, Jayesh Sanjay. He is from Tenerife, Spain, where every day is sunny and warm. He is Jewish, and he started in True Forex Funds. Jayesh came to know about them in November of last year.

He shared that he used funded accounts for over one and a half years. Jayesh shared that he used to fail a lot of challenges. Last December last year, he got funded at last with the fifty thousand dollar account. He then took out 200,000 accounts through forex funds and another one more, fifty thousand accounts, merged the three accounts, and made it a 300K account.

He now lives with a funded 300K account with True Forex Funds. Currently, he is trying to pass a 100K account to get the maximum funded account which is 400k.

Important Advice

Jayesh shared that he has a list of the most important advice he made for himself after learning from his past mistakes, which I would like to share today with everyone. He hopes it can help them as it helped him to make profits and be consistent in this trading world. The first thing he shared was that discipline is the most important thing.

The market pays you profit for being disciplined, so trading with disciplined markets will give you more profits than losses. The essential truth about the markets is that discipline equals increased profits; being disciplined every day in every trade and market will reward.

It is not a sometimes thing if you trade with discipline 9 out of 10 times, you can’t claim to be a disciplined Trader. So, there is one undisciplined trade that will hurt all your profits and spoil your trading day. Discipline should be practiced on every trade to lower your risks when you are trading poorly or have a losing streak. So, in his opinion, a successful Trader should always follow this rule.

He shared more about his journey in the True Forex Funds Trader Interview, so do watch it:

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