Funded Trading Plus Important Announcement for MT4 Users!

Funded Trading Plus enables traders to earn more profits by trading up to $200,000 in accounts before being eligible to scale their accounts further up to $2,500,000. You can choose from one assessment phase, two assessment phase challenges, or direct funding. They allow traders up to 90% profit splits on their earnings. Traders can be MT4 and MT5 users with Funded Trading Plus, whichever they prefer.

  • Scaling option available
  • Excellent Trustpilot rating of 4.9/5
  • Excellent support team

Funded Trading Plus Important Announcement for MT4 Users

Funded Trading Plus shared that they have an important announcement for MT4 users on their platform.

After several issues with Eightcap’s MT4 demo server, Funded Trading Plus shared that they have resolved the issue. The firm shared that all new evaluation accounts will be created on a new Demo-04 server. Existing accounts will still use Demo-2, which has now had a reduction of load due to the new server.

They also shared that, unfortunately, it is not possible to migrate existing accounts over to the new server. This new server is unique and has been designed to suit the needs of funded trading prop firms. A select number of large, funded trading firms will use this server.

This is for Desktop users only (mobile is unaffected). Here are the instructions on how to log into the new server with your new account credentials:

1) Open MT4 and go to File.

2) Select ‘Open an Account.’

3) Check Eightcap-Demo04 server is there – if not, press’ scan.’

4) Press’ Next.’

5) Select ‘Existing trade account.’

6) Enter your Login and Password, and press ‘Next.’

So, if you are a Funded Trading Plus trader using MT4, this is especially for you. But the firm also shared that if you have any issues with the above, please feel free to contact them on Live Chat.

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