Key Prop Trading Firms February Updates- All in One!

Hello guys! Forex Prop Reviews is here again with exciting updates. February has ended, which means that we’re here to present all the updates on prop trading firms that have occurred during February! We’ll cover features implemented by some of the leading industry prop trading firms so that you’re up to date with what’s happening among some of the best trading firms in the industry.

Prop Industry February Updates

February has been a month full of exciting updates. Let’s jump into February’s key prop trading firm updates:

The Funded Trader

First, we have The Funded Trader. The Funded Trader made three updates in February. Following are the updates:

  • The first update was the release of a new funding program; they released the knight challenge, a new one-step evaluation funding program.
  • The next two updates were regarding their trading platforms. Since they were having issues with Eightcap because of the lack of capacity, they have implemented a change by creating all new accounts on their new dedicated MT4 and MT5 servers. This is going to allow all of their traders to have access to smoother and more beneficial trading conditions.


Next, we have FundedNext. They have made some key updates throughout February. They’ve announced that they have increased the load capacity of their customer relationship management platform. This will provide traders with better and more efficient services.

City Traders Imperium

Next is City Traders Imperium, another proprietary trading firm that made a change in February. Their update was regarding their affiliate program. Now they have significantly increased their affiliate commissions from the previous 5% to 20% for each referral in their affiliate program.


Up next is FTUK. They’ve implemented three changes during February. Following are the updates:

  • The first update was regarding trading instruments. They’ve added a wide range of cryptocurrencies as an additional option for Traders to trade.
  • The second update was the reduction of Forex pairs commissions on all raw accounts. They’ve decreased their commission from $7 to $4 per round lot.
  • Lastly, they’ve introduced deel as a payment method for processing their profitable Trader payouts.

Blue Guardian

The next one we are going to talk about is Blue Guardian. They’ve completely rebranded their proprietary trading firm to Blue Guardian, formerly known as Blue Guardian Capital. They made the following updates:

  • They’ve partnered with Eightcap, meaning traders can now choose between trading on Eightcap and Purple Trading Seychelles.
  • In addition, Traders now have the option to choose MT4 or MT5 as their trading platforms.
  • Another implementation that they have made was the introduction of the Guardian Protector. With their Guardian Protector, traders will never have to worry about hitting their maximum daily loss limit again. An optional built-in Equity protector allows traders to limit the amount they can lose in a day and ensure they stay comfortable and protected. They also offer Traders a choice to block trading until the next day to stop individuals from trading.


Next in the line of updates is Fidelcrest. So, they’ve made some changes in February as well, which are as follows:

  • They removed their mandatory stop-loss rule, which required traders to set a stop loss on all their trades.
  • The second change concerns copy trading, which has previously been prohibited and is now allowed.

Alpha Capital Group

Lastly, we’ll be covering Alpha Capital Group. They’ve implemented three major changes to their trading rules and objectives of their two-step evaluation programs.

  • The first one was reducing the minimum trading days from 10 to 5 calendar days in each of the two evaluation phases.
  • The second is the increase of the profit Target in phase two of the evaluation challenge. They’ve increased the profit Target from 4% up to 5%.
  • The third change is regarding the trading period of phase one. They’ve increased the trading period of phase one from 30 to 35 calendar days.

And that’s a wrap. These are all the Prop Firm February Updates. Here’s the video for more details about the updates:

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