Finotive Funding Three New Updates!

Finotive Funding is a proprietary firm founded by Oliver Newland on the 23rd of April, 2021. However, they have been working on the project way before that. They have offices located in Budapest, Hungary. The firm offers traders a chance to work with a total of $11,410,000, with 75% up to 95% profit splits. They have also developed Finotive Markets, their brokerage. It is planned to become fully regulated in the later parts of 2023.

Finotive Funding New Updates

As we all know, Finotive Funding always strives to improve its service to ensure that traders have the best experience. They have already made a lot of amendments to their rules, but it looks like they have more on their mind. Finotive Funding shared that they have three exciting new updates to announce.

Let’s take a look at the new Finotive Funding Updates:

  1. Extension of Inactivity Rule

Previously if a trader did not place a trade for 14 days, this would breach the inactivity rule. Finotive Funding agrees that extending this to 30 gives much more freedom to the trader. This helps traders as they do not feel pressured to keep trading. This extension also means traders can take a break for up to 30 days over holiday periods with no repercussions.

  1. Modification of Risk Management Rule Outcomes

Until now, breaching the risk management rules within the Responsible Trading Policy when funded would result in a temporary reduction of profit split to 25% and temporary scaling prohibition. In extreme cases where traders show no improvement after multiple breaches, further action could be taken, such as payout rejection and, on rare occasions, account termination. To counter the gambling traders who are taking advantage of this system, Finotive Funding has slightly modified the outcomes of breaching the rules:

  • Rather than a blanket reduction in profit split to 25%, they will now reduce the profit split between 50% and 100% of the initial split. This gives the firm more control in reducing traders based on the severity of the breach.
  • The firm also announced that it will now have the option to reduce the account leverage if needed. These two modifications allow them to impose firmer restrictions on gamblers and repeat offenders while giving grace to the traders who may have made an honest mistake.
  1. Removal of 3 Consecutive Losing Months Rule

Finally, Finotive Funding has announced that they will remove the rule, which states that if an account is negative for three consecutive months, it will be closed.

Updated terms and Termination of Account

The updated Terms have gone into effect for existing users already. Beginning today, you will have to agree to the revised Terms to continue trading your account. You should review the updated Terms in full via the following link.

If you disagree with the updated Terms, you may terminate your account with Finotive Funding. You can do this at any time by emailing

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