City Traders Imperium Update- Profit Split Increased?

City Traders Imperium was incorporated on the 13th of July 2018 by Daniel Bautista. They place a high value on disciplined people who prioritize long-term consistency. By managing up to $4,000,000 and receiving home profit splits of up to 100%, traders can generate high profits. They can achieve this by trading Forex pairs, gold, and indices.

Due to its four distinct funding programs—Day Trading, Standard Evaluation, Classic Evaluation, and Direct Funding Programs—CTI differs from most industry-leading companies. You can trade during news events, hold trades overnight, and on the weekends almost without restrictions (except on day trading programs).

City Traders Imperium Profit Split Increase

Hello everyone! Traders, we have great news to share with you all. Well, traders trade with prop firms for many reasons but most importantly, because of the profit splits. So, what if we tell you that City Traders Imperium has increased its profit splits?

CTI is thrilled to announce this new update on its CHALLENGE program. They have increased the Profit Share from 70% to 80% once you Get Funded. The firm shared that they are back with a series of changes that will put you up on your chairs and will be applicable to existing and new clients, starting again today.

They always support their trader’s growth and success as part of their commitment. As City Traders Imperium has announced this profit split increase, they have proved that they are constantly looking for ways to enhance their funding programs and provide more excellent value.

Those who receive funding will now benefit from a significantly increased Profit Share, enabling them to keep more of their hard-earned revenue.

For more information, watch the video:

We wish you good luck and good trading!

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