City Traders Imperium New Payout and First Withdrawal Policy!

With four decades of experience, City Traders Imperium has a wide range of knowledge. It offers its traders the ability to trade a variety of assets and gives them experience by offering them reliable solutions. The company wants to put its clients on a path to financial freedom. By managing up to $4,000,000 and receiving home profit splits of up to 100%, they enable them to generate high profits. Trading in indices, gold, and Forex pairs can help them reach their goal. CTI enables you to use a third-party program as your broker and trade on MetaTrader5.

City Traders Imperium Payout & first Withdrawal

Another change adds to the City Traders Imperium series for existing and new clients starting today. City Traders Imperium is excited to announce that they have a new Payout policy. They have reduced the time to receive your first withdrawal after passing Phases 1 and 2 of the Challenge.

Moving forward, you only need to: Achieve 10 Active Trading Days (instead of 1 month) or reach a 10% net profit (instead of 15%), whichever comes first. This means you can last for your first withdrawal as soon as two weeks, regardless of how much profit you made, even if it’s less than 10%.

Or, you could ask for your first withdrawal within less than two weeks if you achieve a net profit of 10%.

Quicker Bi-Weekly Withdrawals & Weekly Withdrawals

Additionally, you will qualify for bi-weekly withdrawals at any time you reach 10% profit (instead of 15%).

Finally, they have also removed the 4-month requirement to be eligible for the Weekly Withdrawals. Moving forward, once you have processed 4 Bi-weekly withdrawals, you will be eligible for Weekly Withdrawals. For those who want to learn more details, watch the YouTube video:

If you have not got a challenge yet, then this is the best time to get on; use our discount code (ctidiscount5%) to get a 5% discount. And before you start, read the Review.

We wish you good luck and hope this new City Traders Imperium New Payout policy is in your favor and good trading!