True Forex Funds February Statistics 2023. How’s it?

True Forex Funds requires traders to pass their 2-Phase Evaluation Program to get access to their company’s capital. You need to put your skills to the test and demonstrate that you can achieve your Profit Targets. Since they are looking to invest only in disciplined traders, they set a few simple Trading Objectives that should be met.

  • Leverage 1:100
  • Profit share 80%
  • Weekend positions
  • No regulations on your trading style

True Forex Funds February Statistics 2023

Another Day and we are here again with a prop firm’s monthly statistics. This time, with the February Statistics 2023, we have True Forex Funds. True Forex Funds is one of the top prop firms, and seeing their statistics is always a great feeling.

True Forex Funds shared one of February’s most traded forex pairs: EURUSD. With over $2.6M in rewards, their trader’s profit on average is +$3,000 creating great abundance!

So, let’s take a look at the summarized True Forex Funds February statistics for 2023:

  • Funded Account Payouts: $2,638,698.32
  • Highest Payout: $44,345.72
  • Number of Payouts: 858
  • Average Payout: $3,075.41
  • Most Traded Pairs:
    • EUR/USD
    • Gold.

In a recent development, True Forex Funds reported their monthly statistics, showcasing an impressive growth trend that has left many traders in awe. The figures reveal a substantial increase in the company’s growth, as well as a significant rise in the number of traders that have joined their firm.

The statistics also indicate a marked improvement, resulting in a greater number of payouts. These results show True Forex Funds‘ commitment to excellence and dedication to providing their clients with top-notch services. So, we are genuinely impressed by their statistics. The firm has made many updates in the past to provide leverage to its traders, and it looks like it worked. The statistics show that True Forex Funds is moving forward and making its mark.

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