Trend is not Everybody’s Friend- TFT Interview!

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TFT Interview

It’s the end of the week. And we have an interesting yet inspiring TFT interview to share.

This time, in the TFT interview, they are interviewing a trader named Simon. He has nine years of trading experience. He is 29 years old and from Italy Milan. Currently, he is relocating to Bangkok, Thailand, for two months. He is doing trading for more or less nine years. Simon started at the age of 20 when he was at the University. He subscribed to medicine and surgery but realized he had picked up the wrong career.

He also shared that he is not a morning person from his aspects of Trader, and he loves to stay up all night to study, nerd out the video game, play chess, and this kind of stuff. His trading journey started when he realized that he was interested in the economic stuff. Simon started to read some books on strategies. He also shared that his uncle and grandparents work in the bank and economic sectors. So, when he was a child, he saw his grandparents to read the stock market and so on.

He found some stuff about trading on the internet, but there are many kinds of strategies. Everyone wants to make some videos on YouTube. They want to tell you a strategy, but, in the end, most of them want to sell their strategy to make some money.

There is much more to his story and a lot to learn from him, so, Watch the full video:

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