New Monthly Statistics March Edition: True Forex Funds!

True Forex Funds requires traders to pass their 2-Phase Evaluation Program to get access to their company’s capital. You need to put your skills to the test and demonstrate that you can achieve your Profit Targets. Since they are looking to invest only in disciplined traders, they set a few simple Trading Objectives that should be met.

  • Free retries can be applied for phases one and two
  • Leverage 1:100
  • Profit share 80%
  • Weekend positions
  • No regulations on your trading style

True Forex Funds March Statistics

What’s with Statistics and our obsession with it? Because clearly, we get super excited whenever we have new statistics. And it doesn’t matter if it’s weekly or monthly, but we prefer monthly statistics. Just like that, we have new monthly statistics that we would like to share with you all. True Forex Funds has shared its Monthly Statistics for March.

True Forex Funds is a great firm, and we are always ready to see the best prop firms strive. With over $2.8M in rewards, their trader’s profit on average is +$3,200 creating great abundance.

The rest of the Monthly Statistics of True Forex Funds for March are as follows:

  • Funded Account Payouts: $2,835,008.34
  • Highest Payout: $82,569.56
  • Number of Payouts: 881
  • Average Payout: $3,217.94
  • Most Traded Pairs:
    • EUR/USD
    • US30

They are a well-established proprietary trading firm that offers excellent conditions for a big pool of individuals with unique trading styles. This is evident from their monthly statistics that they are actually incredible.

As you can see, the Highest Payout is $82k+, and if you ask us, this is truly tremendous. The trader outdid himself. Looking at the total funded account payouts, we can see that the firm is growing rapidly. The total number of payouts is 800+; if this is not growth, we don’t know what is!

Overall, the statistics are incredible. Lastly, if you are new to the prop industry, why don’t you look at the Reviews we have prepared for you? And if you want to trade with True Forex Funds, use our Cashback Link for a 15% Cashback!