Alpha Capital Group New Updated Review!

Hey guys! This time we have another updated review for you, Alpha Capital Group. We will be talking about Alpha Capital Group, which is one of the newly featured proprietary trading firms listed on our website. They are growing incredibly and becoming one of the more attractive prop trading firm options for Traders worldwide. So the proprietary trading firm industry as a whole is rapidly growing and attracting more and more traders who are looking for additional capital to trade with. In order to secure higher amounts of profits now, it can be challenging to follow all of the changes happening within the industry.

However, no worries, we’re here to research and review the top prop trading firms where we cover all the positive and negative aspects. By doing so, we strive toward finding a proprietary trading firm that will suit your personal trading style and other preferences you might have while trading.

Let’s jump into the review and see if Alpha Capital Group is a prop trading firm that you might partner with now or in the future.

Alpha Capital Group Updated Review

Alpha Capital Group is a well-established prop trading firm considering they were incorporated in November 2021. They’ve made incredible leaps and progress. They have their offices located in London, UK. They offer traders a chance to choose between a few different account sizes, which are all two-step evaluation challenges. Alpha Capital Group actually prides itself on the launch of its own in-house proprietary execution brokerage named ACG Markets.

Let’s take a look at the different funding program options. The programs all with the exact same objectives and rules to follow, just different starting Capital.

Trading Objectives

So let’s look at the trading objectives:

  • The evaluation phase one requires a Trader to reach a profit Target of 8% while not surpassing their 5% maximum daily loss or 10% maximum loss rules. You are required to hit your profit Target in 35 five calendar days from the day you place your first position on your evaluation account. You do have a minimum of five trading days as a requirement in order to proceed to phase two.
  • In phase two, you’re required to reach a profit Target of 5% while not surpassing the 5% maximum daily loss or 10% overall maximum loss rules. You again have a minimum of five trading days to proceed to a funded account.
  • By completing both evaluation phases, you are a funded Trader. You’re awarded a funded account where you have no profit targets. As always, you’re just required to respect the maximum daily loss of 5% and the 10% overall maximum loss Rule.

What makes Alpha Capital Group different?

Alpha Capital Group is different from other prop firms. They are doing a few things that differentiate them from other industry-leading prop firms. Obviously, there are two-step evaluation account sizes.

  • They all have straightforward rules.
  • You’ve got relatively low-profit targets for both phases.
  • You can trade during news, trade overnight, and during the weekends.

There are so many things that Alpha Capital Group is doing that are allowing them to progress so quickly and differentiate themselves from some other industry-leading prop firms.

Do you want to learn more about the firm? Watch the full video:

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