The Trading Pit New 3-Part Webinar with Gladys!

The Trading Pit is a proprietary firm that is based in Lichtenstein. They offer motivated traders account sizes up to $100,000 with a scaling plan of up to $5,000,000 and a profit split of 50% up to 80%.

The Trading Pit aims to establish itself as the new worldwide benchmark for trading and investing by providing traders with the necessary knowledge and tools to become successful partners of the firm.

To become a funded trader, individuals need to demonstrate their trading skills and discipline by passing a challenge. Once they successfully complete the challenge, the firm rewards them with a profit split ranging from 50% to 80% on their future payouts.

The Trading Pit 3-Part Webinar

Are you ready to learn more? Are you ready to take your trading journey to the next level? But how can you do that? We have the perfect solution for you. The Trading Pit is having another Webinar episode, but this time it is a 3-Part Webinar.

The 3-part Webinar will be with Gladys Agüero, a successful trader from Argentina! Gladys Agüero has years of experience in the Forex market and has a proven track record of success. Her expertise and guidance can help you take your trading to the next level. Join The Trading Pit 3-Part webinar series on the following date:

  • 08/05
  • 15/05
  • 22/05

The time for all three episodes is 15:00 pm GMT-3. In this Webinar, you will learn the importance of market sessions, intraday strategies, risk management, and more. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a seasoned trader and improve your skills. Register now to secure your spot and gain valuable insights into the world of trading. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to master Forex Trading! You can register now by clicking on the link.

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