FunderPro- The New Prop Firm; Is it worth the Hype?

Are you ready to learn about a new prop firm? We have introduced this prop firm before, and today will look at it from a different perspective. Let’s dive in. FunderPro is one of the Newest Prop firms in the Industry. They started this year in February. Like all other prop firms, FunderPro offers Capital to their traders. But what makes FunderPro unique?

What Makes FunderPro Unique?

FunderPro stands out among other prop firms for several reasons. First, FunderPro offers its traders ongoing support and guidance, helping them overcome any challenges they may face in their trading journey.

Another unique feature of FunderPro is that they are sponsoring Oliver Bearman, a young British racing driver who is part of the Ferrari F1 Driver Academy and is currently competing with Prema Racing in FIA Formula 2. As far as we know, this is the first time in history that a prop firm has sponsored a racing driver.

What Are the Benefits of Joining FunderPro?

Traders who join FunderPro can access significant amounts of capital to trade with. The firm offers several account sizes, ranging from $25k to $200k. Traders can choose the account size best suits their trading style and risk tolerance. The firm also offers 80% profit splits depending on the account size and trading performance.

In addition to access to capital, traders who join FunderPro can benefit from the firm’s extensive network of traders and industry professionals. Compared to other industry-leading prop firms, they have no maximum time limitations on both evaluation phases and above-average profit targets.

FunderPro is a leading proprietary trading firm that offers traders the opportunity to access significant amounts of capital and generate high profits. The firm stands out for its unique program, sponsorship, and ongoing support and guidance for its traders.

Traders who join FunderPro can benefit from access to capital, competitive profit splits, and a network of traders and industry professionals. If you’re a trader looking for a prop firm to help take your trading to the next level, FunderPro is definitely worth considering.

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