The 5%ers Interview with Kaci- Motivation and Success!

The 5%ers is a proprietary firm with an office based in the UK, London. They offer instant funding account models with low-risk or aggressive-risk features. You can choose from $5,000, $10,000, and $20,000 instant funding account sizes, which can be scaled up to $4,000,000 in size. In addition, you can also choose their high-stakes two-step evaluation program.

And lastly, you can opt for their $100K or $250K Bootcamp challenge model, which has the potential to scale up to $4,000,000 in size. They allow you to trade on MetaTrader5 while using a 3rd party program as their broker.

The 5%ers Interview with Kaci

End your week with some motivation from The 5%ers Interview with Kaci. Kaci J, 38 years old, From the United States, is one of the Successful traders of The 5%ers. She is from the Detroit metro area in the United States. Kaci has been trading off and on for six years, more consistently over the last 2 to 3 years. She also works full-time and trades and has determined that swing and intraday trading best work for her lifestyle.

She shared that initially, she would trade crazy lot sizes. Sometimes it would work, and most times it didn’t. Kaci realized that if she traded lower lot sizes, her anxiety would be reduced, and she doesn’t have to babysit her phone — “to make sure everything is ok.”

Kaci also shared that she trade with a combined Fibonacci retracement and extension tool and a multiple timeframe analysis. The play she trades is called “80/20”. She didn’t invent it or discover it.

She also shared that she is a swing trader. Kaci has successfully passed the Bootcamp Program and has already succeeded in gaining 5% and receiving more funding. She is one of The 5%ers-funded traders, trading a $125K Bootcamp-funded account. Her next objective is to reach 5% profit again to scale up her account to $150K. In this interview, The 5%ers spoke with Kaci about her trading plan, insights, and lessons gained while trading in the markets. Watch the full interview here:

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